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The challenges that medical clinics and private practices are facing today due to the Coronavirus and will be facing in the near future with the changes in CPT E/M guidelines effective January 1, 2021 will be significantly tougher than in the past. 


To offset these challenges, VisitEase, Inc. has developed our  E/M Data Assist application, to support the Medical Decision-Making process used by the physician to determine a CPT code for E/M Services.  As you will see in the SAMPLE REPORTE/M Data Assist suggests its own code obtained from the information accumulated during the patient visit to help support the practice-selected E/M code.  Application Integration is supported through our partnership with Allscripts through the 


The Core Features of  E/M Data Assist are highlighted below:

Fast and EASY

  • Hours of medical data in seconds

  • Single button click for a complete patient visit

  • Batch print for patient visits in any time period

Get ALL your DATA
  • Written summary of all data accessed

  • All actions by front desk, clinicians, nurses and physicians

  • One concise summary of all patient visit activities

Totally SECURE
  • E/M Data Assist is integrated through Allscripts Open APIs 

  • NO outside connection to E/M Data Assist

  • E/M Data Assist integration supports acquiring Patient Visit Data directly from Allscripts EHRs through Allscripts Open APIs

  • Save time & money with each patient

  • Hours of work per day done in seconds

  • A complete patient visit summary for pennies on the dollar

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